Meet the team behind Gooten

Our seven year history, our values, and the amazing team of passionate humans known as Gooteneers.

Our Mission

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Start + Grow

Our mission is to break down the traditional barriers of starting and growing an online business and to empower our partners with the technology and care they need.

Win + Win

We win when you win. Your success is our success. Gooten only makes money when you make money and we treat your customers as if they were our own.

Purpose + Passion

Innovating, creating, and helping people start and grow their business and brand is what we love to do.

Trust + Commitment

Everyone says it. Some mean it. We live by it. You can count on our team to go the extra mile to ensure the success of your orders.

Themed Promotions

Themed promotions that change every month can help keep your audience engaged. Keep things fresh by being creative with your emails message, content, and overall design. Most services allow you to create and save custom templates, so try and have a few ready every month. You may find some customers prefer one style of email, use that information and send out two different emails to match their preference. Tracking coupons will help you gather data on the customer using the coupon. What item, or percent off, was the coupon for? Know which coupons work can inform your overall strategy. If people aren’t opening your emails, try and switch your title to a more engaging one.

2278 Percent increase in business, according to a 2018 study conducted by a non-partisan third party consultant.

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