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You spill it, we'll clean it.

Notice that this heading is RIGHT below the Splashy Full Width-style header area. It's not a great look. This does not occur with the Splashy Small style.

Also, since this heading doesn't support color, the white on white (with no border, divider, etc.) doesn't look very good, even if the spacing was better.

Highly recommend!

Switching to Gooten doubled our margins overnight, while keeping our product quality constant. Since day one their team has been incredibly helpful and has went above and beyond to fix any issues we may have experienced. Long story short, we couldn’t be happier with Gooten and highly recommend them to anyone looking to launch a new store that dropships products!


Curabitur arcu erat

Accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem.

This is fine

I thought there was a problem here, but there is not. I salute you on your fine work, Jeremy! Enjoy this photo of a guy smoking a pipe.

I'm a button!

"Site testing is an underrated part of life that I find soothing."

Nate Sullivan, Marketing Employee, Gooten.com

This is some big ass text on an external monitor.

I do like having giant text to work with, but I really wish I could pick an H style here to make this more versatile. BUT, that's not really a "broken" problem. Also, the alignment of the STAT caption is weird; how come the "CATS" label is centered (as is the number) but the label isn't? I'd center all of it.

354 cats That's a lot of cats in one basement.