The Platform

Order Management

Gooten's order management system takes the complexity out of managing a fast-growing store.

One place for every order.

The Gooten Order Management System (OMS) puts all of your Gooten fulfilled products and orders, from all of your sales channels, in one place. It gives you a single system of record you can access from anywhere, with everything you could ever want to know about every... single... order.

Find any order, instantly.

Finding a certain order in Gooten is easy. Filter search results by sales channel, status, dates, or anything else. Search by an order, or for the specific items within one.

See design assets and specifications.

Instantly pull up the details of an order; see exactly what was sent to a manufacturer, where it’s going, and anything that might cause problems.

Make, review, or pause orders on-command.

When you need to, Gooten helps you take action quickly. Hold any order, or even change order statuses in bulk. Immediately find every order that’s shipping, needs approval, or is held up.

Track your shipped products.

“What happened to my order?” Gooten shows you who shipped what, when it arrived, and even gives you tracking numbers for every package.

Export your business data.

Gooten’s OMS is a great place to conduct business, but if you need to get your commerce data out of the system, Gooten makes it easy with simple .CSV exports of everything you want, and nothing you don’t.