Child Care

You trust Gooten with fulfillment, so why not your children?

Unnecessary margin for being the first widget on the page!

Depending on window size, sometimes there is a margin at the top of the page you wouldn't want (really you want it to align with the feature nav).

But it works later on the page, so don't ruin that!

Works great

I will explain the behavior here.

I wish this was optional

Less filling

He's winking at you because he likes you.

this is a giant button

Should the text be all the way over here? What is there's a lot of it? Where does the line break? Why am I asking so many questions? Is it just because I need enough text to cause line breaking?

In all seriousness...

It actually behaves normally if you're in a small-ish screen size, like a laptop with the preview split pane open. However, when you go to a large screen, there's a wrap point for the text that feels a lot shorter than the rest of the content.

Oh by the way...

The line height for the title of that CTA is really similar to the space between the heading and the body text. It could breathe a tiny bit more. I am being picky but it's just a styling thing so I'm hoping it's easy.

This widget is basically fine, but line height is a little tight when this breaks into more than one

Body text is here and full of wit and mirth, I'm in a meeting and it's hard to think of filler content.

Oh I guess I have to have two